How I Use Promotional Products in My Photography Business

I started a photography business, and I wanted to get the word out. I searched for promotional products australia and found a great company. I did not want any cheesy products to hand out to potential customers. I wanted something they could use on a day to day basis. One thing I really like is USB flash drives that are preloaded with my portfolio and video advertisement. You plug it into your computer, and a video automatically plays that advertises my photo studio.

All of the promo products I use have my company logo, name and information printed on them. I do most of my scheduling for photo shoots through my website, so I have the domain name printed in a font that is big enough to see. Some of the other promotional products I like are keychains. I also sell some promo products printed with my logo to customers. The digital photo viewer keychain is a popular item. I load the clients photos onto it, and sell it as part of the package. They usually ask me to throw in a few more so they can give them away to family and friends.

Promo products do exactly what their name implies. They help me to promote my business. I hand out inexpensive giveaways everywhere I can. I sell higher end promo products to customers in order for them to have something nice to look at, and to keep the name of my business always handy to them when they want more photos taken. It works very well for me, and saves me money on advertising. This is especially true of the better promo products that the customers pay me to acquire. I even make a small profit on them. My custom printed digital photo frames are really popular items.

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