Looking to Rent a Big Party Bus

Wedding Cars Limos | Toronto - Canada | Toronto Pearson Limousine ...I guess that I am looking for something that my boss saw when he was in Las Vegas and I do not have a lot of time before New Year’s eve. Of course a lot of people get really hammered on the occasion of New Year’s eve and he had the idea that it would be great to just have one of these really big party bus to drive them around. Of course I can not find what he is looking for, which is a real bus and big enough to hold a lot of people. The ones I can find are pretty nice, but they are not the size of a city bus. He went on Google and showed me what he was talking about, these things are more or less like a club on wheels. In fact the one he showed me had a bar on it and there was the sort of pole that they have in adult entertainment establishments.

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