Saving Money on My Coffee

I am addicted to caffeine. As embarrassing as it is, my own family knows to avoid me until I have had at least two cups of coffee in the morning. Because I never want to be without my morning java, I started shopping at Coffee for Less about a year ago. It started because of a coffee for less coupon code that my sister gave me. She too knows how much I need my morning fix, so she told me about the company that her boss uses to keep their break room at work stocked with k-cups.

I had never heard of the company, but I usually do drink k-cups in the morning since I am the only one who drinks coffee. It is just so much easier to make a single cup that way instead of a small pot. When I saw the variety of different cups that Coffee for Less has, I knew that I was going to enjoy sampling a wide variety of their products. I also liked that the prices were a lot lower than what I was paying at the grocery store for my k-cups.

When she gave me a coupon for a percentage off of my total order, I was surprised because the prices were already so good. That the company cares enough about their customers to further discount the prices thanks to coupons meant a lot to me. I knew they did not have to do this, because the prices were already low enough to draw people in with just that. I used that coupon on my first order, and I have not shopped anywhere else for my coffee since then. The prices are great even when I don’t use a coupon, the variety of flavors is amazing, and the delivery time is quick. It’s just what a coffee junkie like me needs!

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