Using a Limousine in My New Game

... limo toronto airport limousine toronto airport limo airport limoI started making mobile phone games last year, and I’ve been doing pretty well at it. I made my first game in 3 months, and it sold over 1 million copies. For my latest game, I’m using live action images instead of 3d models or drawn sprites. It’s a retro kind of look that was popular in 90s arcade games. The game is a first person arcade shooter using the touch screen. For one part of the game, I had to call a toronto limousine service and rent a limo.

In the game, the limousine is used for transport by the enemies. There are some parts where the windows of the limousine roll down and the enemies will pop out and start shooting at the player, during which the player will have to take cover and return fire.

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