What Makes for Effective Logo Design?

In our modern, commercialized world, the logo is a ubiquitous sight, so much so that we very frequently do not even notice. When did you last pay attention to the icon stamped on the front grille of a car, or printed across the front of someone’s tee shirt? With technology having advanced to the point where unprecedented ways of displaying names and symbols are inexpensive and widespread, logo design ers face a growing challenge to not only create an icon which does a good job of representing the company/team/organization who commissioned it, but also make it stand out in an exponentially expanding pool. This is no less true for web design than in any other field.

In truth, there is no magic bullet answer to the question of what makes a logo design work. Though it may injure the egos of graphics designers to say, it takes more than just being a good artist. Even if your work is the product of intense, thoughtful and considered effort and is a masterpiece of aesthetics, it may just not work. Unlike many famous works of art, logo design rarely works when it is left to interpretation (unless it is something so obtuse that it sparks discussion of itself), but logos do not stand on their own. They are supposed to be representative of something much bigger than itself. It is supposed to be evocative.

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