Working on Something for the Investment Club

TIMEFRAME: 4HR, DAILY (Shorter timeframes work but reduced winning %)We finished with out real estate project, we all made a pretty good profit. The buyer was actually one of the teacher’s at the school where Ed’s little boy goes. She needed a house and the boy told her that we would sell her one. Of course this place is perfect for a first time home buyer and it was just a matter of coming to the right number. We were not looking to fleece anyone, we bought the house, put some time and money into it and we wanted to get a return. I want to find more here about different types of investments and we are looking at Forex right now. It seems a bit too rich for our blood, but we are not going to ignore it just because it is scary.

None of us are going to pocket any of the money from the house though. We put it into a corporate bank account actually, one that makes a good rate of return, but does not stop us from moving the money. We are thinking that we shall put it into something like one third bonds, one third stock and maybe do different things with the rest of it. We have the idea that the bonds can be collateral for borrowing against, because we have another real estate project in mind and once the weather gets a bit nicer we are going to move forward with it. Some of the things that need to be done to this place would not be safe in the current conditions (the weather here pretty much stinks to put it mildly). Once it is Spring and all the snow and ice has gone away we can start moving on that. Until then the money can earn a bit of return for us.

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